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Darren Butler - photo by Frankie Louise

Podcast: Fruit Tree Care with Darren Butler

C. Darren Butler is more than a tree expert. Yes, he’s a certified and consulting arborist. But he’s also a Master Gardener, an ecological landscape designer, and a landscape consultant.

In this week’s podcast, we chat with Darren about proper tree planting techniques and tree care. We also cover his online gardening resource for Southern California, GardenZeus.

Darren Butler
Darren Butler – photo by Frankie Louise

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As an addendum to our conversation, Darren says this of tropical and sub-tropical fruit trees:

“It would be easy for listeners to go astray if they try to choose subtropical or tropical fruit trees. Most tropicals and subtropicals are frost sensitive to varying extents and some are sensitive to temperatures above freezing. Many need ample water or won’t do well in hot inland valleys. All tropical and subtropical species have specific needs and selection is important, but for many areas [in Southern California] I consider them a better choice generally than stone fruit.

To me it looks like backyard stone fruit … have become a hit-and-miss option in warm-winter areas in Southern California due to consistently warmer winters from climate change, and we’ve also had years-long local problems with peach tree borers that kill young stone-fruit trees.

– Get the whole story in the podcast.
Darren Butler
Darren Butler among the trees.


Some of the tropical and subtropical fruits Darren recommends for Southern CA areas: Annona, Cherimoya, Ice Cream Bean, Feijoa (pineapple guava).

Visit GardenZeus for tons of regional information for Southern California gardeners.

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