You are currently viewing YouTube: Transplanting Sprouted Seedlings with Success

YouTube: Transplanting Sprouted Seedlings with Success

Our latest YouTube video is about transplanting sprouted seedlings safely from one place to another. Use this technique to move tiny, baby seedlings and volunteers to a safe place, or to thin and move a group of sprouts to open spaces, one by one.

You’ll be able to successfully transplant seedlings that survive the move and save you money on seeds and plants in the long run. Watch and try it in your own garden today.

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Cilantro sprouts in a pathway near last year’s bolted plants. Watch the video to learn how to move these to a productive space. Free food!


Watch our other video on how to thin more established seedlings.

Need to thin fruit on your apple trees? Here’s how to do it for bigger, tastier apples.

Thinning lettuce plants? Don’t let them go to waste, make a salad with the thinnings.

A volunteer tomato sprouted from under our compost storage tub. This video helps you successfully move these to a new home.

Transplanting sprouted seedlings is easy once you know how. Whether you planted them deliberately or they were volunteers, get the most out of what nature has to offer, and grow free food in your garden.

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