You are currently viewing YouTube: How to Fix a Clogged Garden Hose Nozzle

YouTube: How to Fix a Clogged Garden Hose Nozzle

Our final video of the year shows you how to fix a clogged garden hose nozzle. Does yours stop working properly for one reason or another? Does it leak in places, or weakly trickle water instead of what it’s supposed to do?

Christy shows you how we clean hose nozzles here at Gardenerd HQ to keep them out of the landfill and in working order for years and years. Watch for great tips on how to fix leaks and clogs with very little effort.

How to Fix a Clogged Garden Hose Nozzle


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The hose nozzle featured in the video is from Dramm. They didn’t sponsor this video, but we love their products and they send us free stuff to test out occasionally.

a clogged garden hose nozzle puts a damper on your irrigation plans.

Take good care of your hose nozzle and it will pay dividends for years.

That’s our last video of the year. We’ll see you in 2024 with more great lessons in gardening, tool care, and more. Happy holidays!

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