You are currently viewing YouTube: How to Harvest Lima Beans – Fresh or Dry

YouTube: How to Harvest Lima Beans – Fresh or Dry

Our latest YouTube video shares tips on how to harvest lima beans, either fresh or dry. These beans are delicious either way, and they’re easy to grow.

Christy shares a few tricks and key traits to look for in order to know when to harvest these beans while they’re fresh. She also gives you the telltale signs for harvesting dry beans.

Harvesting Lima Beans – Fresh or Dry

Fresh (left) or dry, lima beans are tasty and perfect as a side dish or in soups.

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Hendersons Bush Lima harvest
Henderson’s bush beans area great when eaten fresh.


Garlicky Fresh Christmas Lima Beans with Thyme One of our favorite ways to serve fresh butter beans

Lima Bean, Barley, and Vegetable Soupuse dry butter beans in this recipe. Christmas limas add an extra chestnut-y flavor.

Need help shelling and storing your dry beans? We’ve got a video for that here.

Flowers and young pods

If you’re afraid of this hearty bean, don’t be! They’re delicious and creamy in soups, stews, and as a stand-alone side dish. They’re also one of few beans that can be Low FODMAP in small amounts. Give them a go.

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