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Yellow crookneck squash is off an running. It is always the first to peter out as the heat comes on, but for now it's working.

Wordless Wednesday: Community Garden Bounty

Things are really going off in our community garden plot, so we wanted to capture it before its beauty wanes. We’ve already spotted the first cucumber beetles so that means we’ll probably lose some squash plants to bacterial wilt. Fingers crossed, and enjoy it while it lasts, right?

Wordless Wednesday Pumpkin
3 types of pumpkins sprawl through one raised bed. We plant each type at the point of a triangle in a 4×4 bed in our community garden. Room enough to grow and thrive while keeping the soil covered.
Wordless Wednesday Pumpkins
Styrian Hulless pumpkin (bottom) grows with a Blue Kuri squash dangling above it.
Wordless Wednesday gladiolus tomatoes
Gladiolus flowers as tomatoes fill in their cage. Find instructions for building a Tomato Crib like this in Gardening for Geeks (updated version coming soon in 2020!)
Wordless Wednesday yellow squash
Yellow crookneck squash is off and running. It is always the first to peter out as the heat comes on, but for now it’s working.
Wordless Wednesday patty pan
Bennings Green Tint patty pan squash shares a bed with zucchini and yellow crookneck.
Wordless Wednesday Green onions
Green onions that were seeded under Swiss chard are filling in now that the chard has been removed.
Wordless Wednesday celery hoverfly
A hoverfly (center) sits atop our celery that has bolted to seed.
Wordless Wednesday basil
Basil is finally left alone by the crows long enough to grow strong. We’re tossing it in salads daily. Soon there will be enough to make pesto.
Wordless Wednesday lettuces
Lettuces from overhead share space with beets (still growing from winter). They provide us with salads every day.
Wordless Wednesday blackberries frozen
From Gardenerd HQ, we’re freezing blackberries in a single layer for use later in smoothies and ice cream.

May this inspire you to plant a few things this week. Enjoy the great outdoors before scorching weather arrives!

Do you have cool stuff happening in your garden this week? Post a photo on Instagram or Twitter and tag @gardenerd1. We’ll share the love!

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