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This Hungarian Heart was one of two that grow to a size we've never seen before.

Podcast: Year-End Thoughts with Christy

For the last podcast of the year, we share year-end thoughts with Christy. She highlights a few beautiful new seeds to try, and talks about New Years resolutions.

Listen in for the latest news as well as a great tip for the rainy season. This podcast is chock-full of gardening goodies to round out your year.

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Resources for Year-End Thoughts with Christy

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RE: Christy’s New Year’s Resolution – check out Helen Atthowe’s book that inspired it.

Here are some of the seeds Christy mentioned in the podcast:

Lila Lu Carrots purple skin that goes deep on an orange carrot. Beautiful and purple even when peeled! That’s a great trait. Sweet and uniform in size.

Vereduna Alba BeetsWhite beets with a slight pink tinge that won’t stain your cutting board. Eat them raw or cooked. Freeze them for use later in the year.

Maiden’s Gold Tomatowe’re suckers for orange tomatoes. They tend to be sweeter than their red counter parts. This one is new from SeedSavers Exchange. Give it a try.

Who Gets Kissed Sweet Cornwith a name like that, you have to try it. White and yellow kernels on the same ear. What’s not to love?

Dark Night Scabiosadeep wine-colored blossoms are a great contrast in any garden. Put this on your list to grow next spring.

Happy holidays, gardenerds. We’ll see in you 2024 for another great gardening year!

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