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YouTube: How to Clean Pruning Shears

Our latest instructional video is live on YouTube. It walks you through the process of properly cleaning, oiling and sharpening your pruning shears. Taking care of your garden tools is as important as watering your plants. If cleaned and sharpened regularly, a good set of pruning shears will last for years.

One of the best investments a gardener can make is on quality tools that last a lifetime. My own pruning shears (seen in the video) are 16 years old. They show no sign of giving up any time soon. So yes, you can spend $7 on a pair of plastic shears that need replacing after a couple of years, or you can spend $65 on a pair for life. Here’s how to take good care of that investment:

How to Clean Pruning Shears

For a great resource of information about gardening tools, check out.

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