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Gardening with Gophers is the topic of our discussion this week.

Podcast: Gardening with Gophers with Kerry Beane

Our guest this week is Kerry Beane, a speaker, coach and educator with over 20 years experience in agriculture and horticulture systems. Kerry specialized in integrated pest management practices and helps urban farmers and gardeners grow healthy crops sustainably.

She joins the podcast to chat (and console us) about gardening with gophers. Listen in for ideas and a shift in perspective.

Kerry Beane

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Visit Kerry’s website here

Check out her YouTube channel

Kerry shared some great resources for further research:

  • BIRC – the Bio-Integral Resource Center – for integrated pest management and particularly on Vertibrates (you can order reprints of publications on the subject)
  • If you want to put up barn owl boxes on your property, find advice here and find options and supplies here
  • Want to make your backyard a habitat for wildlife? Check out these resources to get started.
  • Rincon Vitova – a source for beneficial insects and biological solutions to pest problems.

The industry standard for catching gophers – Macabbe Gopher Trap

And try this trap we’ve used successfully at our community garden – Gopher Hawk

Gopher cages – use gopher wire to protect your plants before you put them in the ground.

Plants gophers apparently don’t want to eat: catnip, borage, kale, and chamomile

Bonus: check out Kerry’s blog post about seed balls

Develop a new relationship gardening with gophers. Take Kerry Beane’s advice: protect your crops, build habitat and working toward coexistence when needed.

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