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YouTube: How to Plant Tomatoes

It’s tomato season, and we’ve got ours in the ground already. It may be early for some, but we’re experiencing 80 degree days this week, so we took a chance and were so bold as to plant tomatoes (18 of them). Crossing our fingers to avoid early blight (and late blight…and rats, etc.) Maybe this will be a great tomato year.

For those who missed the recent newsletter with step by step instructions for planting tomatoes, or for those who prefer a visual learning experience, we’ve got you covered. Behold: How to plant tomatoes.

Being early nerds, we can’t pass up the opportunity to brag just a little. Oh look, our first tomato has already set fruit:

Gold Nugget cherry tomatoes are already going.
Gold Nugget cherry tomatoes are already going.

We won’t brag too much though, things always look good at this point. We’ll see in a few weeks if blight comes a’ calling. Stay tuned…

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