You are currently viewing YouTube: Harvest & Cure Winter Squash for Storage

YouTube: Harvest & Cure Winter Squash for Storage

As fall draws near, it’s time to harvest & cure winter squash for storage. Not sure when to pick it? Our latest YouTube video gives you guidance.

Learn what to look for before harvesting your squash. And find out the best way to cure it so it will last into winter (hence the name).

How to Harvest & Cure Winter Squash for Storage

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Butternut Squash nibbled
We harvested our butternut squash early because critters were nibbling. We’re letting them ripen in the sun for 10 days (not too long or they’ll start to rot).


Learn the difference between summer squash and winter squash here.

If you want your pumpkins and other winter squash to be evenly colored and shaped, read this trick.

Want to up your winter squash growing game? Listen to this podcast with Anna Peach, the queen of pumpkins!

Oh, and our favorite roasted pumpkin seed recipe: Oh She Glows

Some home grown, some pilfered. All beautiful.
Some home grown, some pilfered from the Heirloom Expo. All beautiful.

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