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Cayenne chilies, freshly dehydrated. Ready to powder.

Wordless Wednesday: End Of Summer Blues?

The end of summer makes some people sad. I long for cooler weather and fall crops (’cause it’s 86 degrees F in my house and we don’t have air conditioning). Here’s eye candy stuff to keep you going this week, no matter how you feel.

Our pumpkins are turning color and drying down.
lady bug on lettuce
The ladybugs are enjoying an aphid snack on our bolted lettuce plants.
Yellow peppers
Our mystery pepper from last year is yielding yellow peppers again this year. The little guy in the middle is a sweet pickle pepper, that’s just getting going in late summer.
Fuji apples
We’ve been eating a few Fuji apples from the tree. They’re all still completely protected by our contraption. Winning!
Ganoderma lobatum
Uh oh, this shelf fungus appeared on our Brazilian pepper tree recently. I think this is Ganoderma lobatum. What’s your best guess, my mushroom folks?
sphynx moth
Sphynx moth on a raised bed corner post. They’re still around, so keep a watchful eye for tomato hornworms. This is their mamma.
Family photos are so hard, but we caught all 6 in one frame. This feels a bit like a Vanity Fair centerfold on the Kardashians, but these are natural beauties. In the foreground, fly paper is our best friend these days.
Dragon Fruit
Our one dragon fruit is growing larger each day. When the “scales” start to wither and the color changes, it will be ready to pick.
basil lettuce chard
At the end of summer we’re picking lots of basil for pesto, along with some lettuce and Swiss chard.

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