You are currently viewing YouTube: Summer Squash Vs. Winter Squash

YouTube: Summer Squash Vs. Winter Squash

Christy’s on fire this week talking about summer squash vs. winter squash after a conversation with a so-called nursery professional. The names of these squashes imply one thing, but the truth may surprise you. Get all the squashy details in this week’s YouTube video. 

It’s squash season, so before you choose the varieties you want to grow, watch this video. Christy explains the difference between summer and winter squash, when to grow them, and why they are called what they’re called.

Summer Squash vs. Winter Squash


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Row 7 Squashes
Our successful harvest from testing out Row 7 Seeds for Koginut and Delicata squash. These are both winter squashes.
Zucchini and patty pan squash are both summer squashes.

Now that you know the difference between summer squash vs. winter squash, you can make the right decisions about when to plant them, and how to store them for later enjoyment. Grow squash! It’s fun.

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