You are currently viewing YouTube: Growing Yard Long Beans or Asparagus Beans

YouTube: Growing Yard Long Beans or Asparagus Beans

We’ve never been much of a fan of green beans, but when we started growing Yard Long beans we fell in love. This week’s video is all about growing Yard Long beans (AKA Asparagus beans). You’ll learn what to expect when you grow them and how to care for them along the way. We even share a suggestion or two for how to eat them.

Yard Long beans / Asparagus beans not only look snazzy on any trellis, they make quite a show on the dinner plate. If you don’t think regular green beans are all that, give Yard Long beans a try.

Growing Yard Long Beans

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Wordless Wednesday Yard-long Beans
Our first time growing Green Pod Red Bean Asparagus beans is proving successful.

Find one of our favorite ways to prepare Yard Long beans here

Browse different varieties of Yard Long beans at Baker Creek, Kitazawa (seed-central for Asian veggie seeds!), and Southern Exposure Seed Exchange.

Want to learn more about these beans? Here’s the short history of long beans.

Yard long beans glazed
Chili flakes cling to the beans as they are stir fried.

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  1. Olivia

    I have been growing similar ones but I can’t tell if these are the same as yours. Can you take a look? I have a French variety called “Batumi” . When I have too much, I always preserve them in high jars so they can fit and I do not have to break them into halves.

    1. Christy

      No, they’re not at all the same. Your photo is of regular French green beans. The article is about Yard Long Beans. Totally different.

  2. Anna

    I’ve been growing them for years and will thrust them an anyone who hasn’t tried them! They are my absolute favorite bean. I add red poke beans last year and love the color contrast.

    1. Christy

      Clearly, great minds think alike!

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