You are currently viewing YouTube: The Gardening Good, Bad, and the Ugly

YouTube: The Gardening Good, Bad, and the Ugly

Our latest video is a reality check on gardening in Southern California in August 2021: the Gardening Good, Bad, and the Ugly. Christy walks you through the Gardenerd Test Garden to see what worked and what didn’t. Some of it is pretty, but most of it looks anything but.

Life throws us curve balls (I’m looking at you 2020), but this year has worked out to be a continuation of the curve. In many ways the garden brings joy. But during August, we may experience more sadness than joy when we look out at the garden. This is NORMAL. Enjoy the cycle of life to death each season instead of expecting your garden to look great all the time.

The Gardening Good, Bad, and the Ugly


Still feel bad? Take a look at one of our past summers. You’ll feel better after seeing our failures.

We mentioned Active Batch Thermal Composting – here’s more about that.

Did you miss our Instagram story about the rats and the damage they did to our tomato plants? Watch here

Luxury pumpkin eaten
Our only Luxury Pumpkin was devoured recently by rats last year. Certainly falls into the categories of bad and ugly.

If your garden is looking less than stellar right now, don’t despair. We all suffer setbacks, and with recent heatwaves, an increase in rodent populations, and drought, gardening is getting harder. If you picked this year to start gardening, please don’t give up. It’s not always this bad. Employ physical barriers, rat traps, protective covers, and drip irrigation (and mulch) to help you keep most of what you grow. You’ll have better luck next time.

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