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Robin Jones of Honey Girl Grows

Podcast: Culinary Gardens and Beekeeping with Robin Jones

Our guest this week on the Gardenerd Tip of the Week Podcast is Robin Jones of Honey Girl Grows. She designs and maintains culinary and pollinator gardens for resorts and corporate clients.

Robin is also a science-based beekeeper who stewards hives around Southern California. We chat about what she grows for the bees and butterflies, as well as her top tips for gardening.

Robin Jones
Robin Jones out in the field. Photo courtesy of Robin Jones

We interviewed Robin at one of her corporate gardens on campus at Red Bull. The garden was located on the north side of a huge brick warehouse, but it was thriving as though it were in full sun. She gave me a tour of the place…

RedBull Garden Robin Jones
A long strip hosts the pollinator garden at Red Bull. To the west are raised beds and herbs.
Red Bull Garden Robin Jones1
To the east, more flowers and edibles as far as the eye can see. That’s Robin way down at the end in blue.

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Robin Jones HoneyGirlGrows
Robin Jones and her bees. Peace out! Photo courtesy of Robin Jones.


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Compost Bins at Red Bull
Robin constructed these compost bins out of pallets.
Purple peppers HoneyGirlGrows
Purple peppers grown by HoneyGirlGrows

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