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Wordless Wednesday: Win Some, Lose Some

I don’t know about you, gardenerds, but the pest population here in Los Angeles has exploded this spring/summer. We’re experiencing rats like never before (emboldened by our absence over 2020, no doubt). White flies are absolutely everywhere, and leaf hoppers are abundant. Our beneficial insects are working overtime to maintain balance. But still, as the title of this post implies, you win some, lose some. Don’t lose heart. This, too, is part of gardening. Here’s some inspiration to keep you going this week:

Win Some!

Miniature White, and Patty’s Marketmore cucumbers are doing well this year. Win Some!
Sweet corn protected
Sweet corn is protected from corn and army worms with clothespins. So far so good. Watch our video on protecting and harvesting corn.
Strawberries wordless wednesday
Strawberries are doing well despite our nocturnal explorers. The bird netting helps keep them safe. Win Some!
Platinum cucumbers
Platinum cucumbers are doing well this year. Last year, not so much, but this year – YAY!
Basil wordless wednesday
The homegrown basil is doing well at the Gardenerd Test Garden. But basil at our community garden plot failed to produce almost entirely.
Fish pepper
Fish peppers are so beautiful in the garden with their stripey markings. Better than a jalapeno any day!
Artichoke flowers
We decided we needed flowers more than artichokes this year. They make us happy in trying times.

Lose Some…

Eaten blackberries wordless wednesday
Rats got almost all of our blackberries this year. 20 traps, none triggered. Fruit gone. Lose Some.
Corn tassel eaten
Corn tassels have been eaten by rats. That means no pollination for some sweet corn ears. Lose Some.
Wordless Wednesday spaaghetti squash
This spaghetti squash was discovered by nighttime critters. Lose Some.

But still it’s worth it

Yellow Crookneck squash
Yellow crookneck and patty pan squashes are cheerful reminders that summer is fleeting. Win Some!

It’s hard to keep going when nature has her way, but now is not the time to give up, gardenerds. Win some, lose some. Stay strong, fortify your garden, and keep trying. The rewards are worth it.

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