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Our Navel oranges are just starting to turn color. Soon we'll be eating these over the sink.

Wordless Wednesday: Transition Times

A massive thunderstorm rolled through Los Angeles on Monday, the first real rain since April, indicating the transition times to come. Summer has given way to fall, and while it’s still hot in places, the gardener’s eye is set on cooler, shorter days. Here’s some inspiration to help you in these transition times.

Wordless Wednesday Anaheim Peppers
Anaheim peppers keep on pumping out fruits. We’ll freeze these whole for future use and pull the plants to make room for brassicas.
Volunteer potatoes
We must have missed one potato because this volunteer appeared in our summer potato bed a few weeks ago. We’re starting seed potatoes for a fall crop elsewhere.
Volunteer tomato
We call volunteer tomatoes like these “Nature’s slap in the face” because they do much better than the tomatoes we cultivated on purpose. We’ll have to wait to see how these unusual stripes mature. The plant popped up among the beans and took off! We’ll most likely have to wrap these in newspaper indoors to ripen them.
Pomegranate wordless wednesday
Pomegranates are ready to pick on a tree we relocated last winter. A transition success!
Luffa on the vine
Another round of luffa gourds are forming on the vine.
Brassicas under growlights
Perhaps the biggest indicator of transition times is these brassica seedlings under grow lights. They need a little more time indoors before planting out.
Loquat and bee
Bees are visiting our loquat tree, which is full bloom at the moment.
Wordless Wednesday Fuji apple
Two of the four apples left on the tree by the rats (they got about 40). If these babies make it we’ll jump for joy.
Bells of Ireland
We planted seeds for Bells of Ireland about 8 months ago and they never came up…until recently. What a delight! It’s a sign to never give up and keep sowing seeds.

Fall means cooler weather, fewer pests, and hopefully some rain. Plant your fall crops when the 10-day forecast shows continuous days below 73ºF. We’re on our way!

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