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5 1/2 inches of rain made up our last storm. That's more than a third of our annual CA rainfall total in regular years.

Wordless Wednesday: Spring is Bustin’ Out

The first warm day in ages graced us with its presence this week. A break in the rain gave us time to snap a few photos of what’s bustin’ out in the garden this spring. Here’s some inspiration to keep you going as spring comes on. Happy gardening!

Wind-blown purple shelling peas are cranking out pods.
The strawberry plants we revitalized a few weeks ago are already flowering. Check out our video on how to do it.
It’s hard to believe it but these volunteer sunflowers are already opening!
Our green onions are bolting to seed. We save and replant these for a continuous supply of green onions.
It’s Tomatomania time! We brought home seedlings from a recent event. See our video tour for our picks for this year.

Native Flower Explosions

This apricot mallow volunteered in the cracks of the brick pathway. It’s very happy after all the rain.
Ceanothus is covered in bees lately and blooming blue/purple flowers.

And Other Flowers

Non-native Jerusalem sage is popping with color and texture in the front yard.
Pink jasmine is blooming. The air is awash with fragrance.
Mittens spends sleepy afternoons on the front porch.

What’s bustin’ out in your garden now (if anything?) Post your proud plant list below.

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