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The last of our Black Futsu pumpkins are ready for harvest. It's pie time!

Wordless Wednesday: Fall Takes Over

Fall is here, cooler days are on the horizon and fall planting is well under way. (Full disclosure: I wrote this before election results came in so I’m assuming we’ll all need a palette cleanser after all the stress.) Here are some highlights from the Gardenerd Test Garden this week.

Wordless Wednesday Radishes
Winter and spring radishes are up and running.
Wordless Wednesday Fall Potatoes
Warm-winter climates can grow potatoes year-round. We planted two weeks ago and they’re popping up now.
Wordless Wednesday Cilantro
Nature’s cruel trick here in So-Cal is that cilantro grows best after tomato season is over and before it begins. We’ll be freezing a puree of this for later.
Wordless Wednesday Black Futsu
The last of our Black Futsu pumpkins are ready for harvest. It’s roasted squash time!
Wordless Wendesday chickens
Our hens have slowed way down on production, but they’re eating our pumpkin from Halloween.
Wordless Wednesday Pumpkins
Pumpkin shells are all that remains of our Halloween pumpkin.
Wordless Wednesday Orange
Our first Navel orange of the season. Still a little tart, but good!
Wordless Wednesday Tangerine
Our baby tangerines are coming along. Can’t wait.
Wordless Wednesday Sweet Potatoes
Our 5th year harvesting sweet potatoes from a plot we planted once so long ago. Curing takes high temps and humidity at the same time (which we don’t have right now). So we’ll see how these hold up.
Wordless Wednesday Apple Tree
The Fuji Apple Tree we saved from drowning a few months ago is producing! Watch our follow up video here.


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