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Lisa Kivirist and 1 of her 6 books

Podcast: Cottage Foods with Lisa Kivirist

Our guest this week on the Gardenerd Tip of the Week Podcast is Lisa Kivirist. She’s an author of 6 books, an advocate for entrepreneurs, and is co-owner of Inn Seredipity Farm.

Lisa’s work focuses on championing rural leadership opportunities among female farmers and food-based entrepreneurs. She’s helped advocate for legalizing home-based food businesses in her state of Wisconsin and beyond. She chats today with us about all the great things she’s got going on.

Lisa Kivirist at Inn Serendipity

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Get Lisa’s book, Homemade for Sale, on starting a home-based food business, directly from Lisa’s website.


Get Lisa’s books from her website here.

Visit the website for Inn Serendipity here and her newest project Renewing the Countryside here.

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Check out the Home-based Business Food Entrepreneur National Virtual Conference

Read our blog post about one of Lisa’s recipes from her book Farmstead Chef here.

Consider starting your own home-based food business with goodies from your garden. It’s not as scary as you think. Lisa’s books will help you along the way, and her community is ready to welcome new members.

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