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Mittens relaxes in the mini orchard at Gardenerd HQ.

Wordless Wednesday: Late Spring Enticements

Late spring is filled with enticements. Flowers, sprouting veggies, fruit setting on the vine. It’s all good. Here’s some inspiration to keep you going as the heat comes on, and summer approaches.

Fabulous Fruit

Fresh strawberries are in season. Everbearing varieties are producing right now.
Apple blossoms decorate all the Fuji apple branch tips.
Baby oranges set fruit for a future fall harvest.
Our seed-grown mystery stone fruit HAS FRUIT! A miracle for year-three.
Pomegranates are flowering. They tend to drop the first set of flowers, but will eventually set fruit.

Funky Flowers – More Late Spring Enticements

Lauren’s Grape poppies are in progress all over the yard.
Native flower bulbs and yarrow decorate the pathway.
A tiny hoverfly (center) on ceanothus. Ceanothus is a California Native plant that bees and other pollinators love.

Very Nice Vegetables

New lettuces sprout under the sunflowers. Jade Gem, Redina, Kagraner Sommer are just a few of the varieties shown here. We grow using Square Foot Gardening spacing to make the most of the salad garden. Find some of our favorite lettuce varieties to grow in this video.
2nd-year peppers (Chili Pie F1) are flowering for another vigorous year.

Enjoy the enticements of outdoors. Whether you are growing one container of basil, or a whole acre of tomatoes, this is the most satisfying time to plant a garden. The air of newness, hope, and excitement permeate the garden. Get your hands in the soil this week!

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