You are currently viewing YouTube: 360 Degree Tour of Gardenerd HQ
Dazzling Blue Kale, the best of both worlds.

YouTube: 360 Degree Tour of Gardenerd HQ

We hope you are enjoying your holiday season. We are too. But in the meantime, here is a cool new video that gives you a 360 degree tour of Gardenerd HQ. Look around, use your mouse to scroll left and right. Check out what’s growin’ on in the middle of December in Southern California.

Note: If the scrolling 360 effect doesn’t work on this embedded video, click through to our YouTube channel to watch with all the bells and whistles. Explore, have fun and Happy New Year!

Organic Gardening: Gardenerd Tour (360 Video)

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Happy holidays from Gardenerd! We hope to grow with you in 2018.

Dazzling Blue Kale, the best of both worlds.

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  1. Mrs. Nielsen

    Great video. Thoroughly enjoyed it as I wasn’t able to attend your last open house due to the fires. Next time could you show how you are irrigating the garden. I still struggle on this issue. Also, do you allow your chickens to ever roam. I didn’t notice any fencing and I know that would be a big issue. I let my chickens out but my dog knocked down a section of fencing and the girls had a field day. Urghhh. Trying to keep everyone happy is a challenge 🙂

    1. Christy

      Sorry to hear your hens went to town on your garden. Ours are a tad afraid to be out in the open (they are quite used to being under tree canopy 24/7) so they don’t venture out much. If they do get out, they seem to be more interested in exploring the mulch around each raised bed than in what’s growing in the raised beds. Small brains.

      We’re planning to do a drip irrigation video soon, so we’ll be sure to go into detail about our setup in the Test Garden. Stay tuned.

  2. Michele Brourman

    Dear Christy –
    I loved this video, loved seeing all that you’re growing in your garden. Thanks for this and for all the wonderful garden wisdom that you share. Wishing you a beautiful New Year! xoxoMichele

    1. Christy

      Thank you, Michele, for your kind words. I hope your garden is growing strong.

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