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Did you know you can eat radish seed pods? They are spicy and provide a zing to salads just like their roots.

Wordless Wednesday: End of Summer

It’s the end of summer. And while I’m speaking at The Heirloom Expo today in Ventura County (still time to drive out so you don’t miss this fantastic festival for all things gardening), I wanted to share what’s growin’ on at Gardenerd HQ. Here’s some inspiration to get you through the hot spell. Fall is almost here!

Post-hurricane volunteers are crazy active. After 3 inches of rain, this arugula is taking over Gardenerd HQ.
Napa Chardonnay tomato turned out the be the big winner in our garden this year. I’m in favor of replacing Yellow Pear with this one every year.
The Fuji apples are starting to ripen and grow in size. Can’t wait to eat them.
Icicle eggplants (2nd year plant!) are still sending out fruits. Great for stir fries and grilling.
Winter squashes, spaghetti and pumpkin, reach the end of their growing cycle. As they turn color and vines die back, we wait.
Lima beans grow in profusion. We’re harvesting dried pods for dry storage beans. Lots of stews and soups to come!
Mildred inspects the New Zealand spinach from inside the run. We blocked a hole she discovered with a piece of slate. New Zealand spinach has high levels of oxalic acid so we only let the chickens eat it raw in small quantities.
Pomegranates are still growing but we hope to see them start to turn next month.
We’re expecting a bumper crop of Navel oranges this year.
Lemon Verbena flowers to frame the front steps. Make verbena ice cream for a real treat.

Soon it will be time to plant fall crops (unless it snows where you live, then it’s now!) Southern California goes through 3 “false fall” weather trickerations before it’s time to plant. We’ve had one cool spell so far. Don’t be fooled! Wait until you see consistent temperatures in the 10-day forecast under 73 degrees F. Then go-go-go!

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