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Winter squashes are coming in from the garden.

Wordless Wednesday – October is Here

October is here! In past years, October meant wildfire season. This year, it’s oddly quiet in Los Angeles and everything is green. Fingers crossed that it stays that way. We’re celebrating the arrival of fall with National Kale Day this week, and inspiration to get you out in the garden.

It’s National Kale day today! We’re celebrating by starting seeds under grow lights for 15 different varieties of kale, and many other brassicas. Click the link for our favorite varieties.
They’re back! A tropical storm in September woke up all the stinging nettle seeds in the mulch. Time to break out the recipes again.
We planted a cover crop and laid floating row cover on top to protect the seeds until germination. Otherwise it’s very expensive bird seed.
Mint is coming into its happy time. Cooler weather makes mint happy.
Our Brazilian pepper tree is flowering. The blossoms provide pollen and nectar for millions of bees who visit the tree each morning. You should hear the buzz, it’s almost deafening.
Comfrey flowers are gracing the garden. The plants are perennial and spread over time.
Yellow aphids on milkweed. We don’t treat them. The plant is full of lady bugs who are doing the job for us.
That’s right, it’s a real pineapple! Our very first after planting a pineapple top three years ago. We couldn’t be more excited. It’s still young. It can take 6-months for this fruit to ripen. We’ll post updates.
The last tomatoes from the summer garden – Alice’s Dream. Looking good.
Shelling dried lima beans for storage. Watch our video on how to do it here.

Now that October is here, keep an eye out for temperatures under 73 degrees F to plant your fall crops. Wait until after this next heat wave to be safe!

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