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This Proven Winners Amazel Basil is one of our only plants without downy mildew this year. It is proving itself to be amazing.

YouTube: Solutions for Basil Downy Mildew

Basil downy mildew is a bummer. One day your basil is going gangbusters, the next is turning an eerie black color on the undersides. So sad! But fear not, we have a a solution for basil downy mildew.

It may take you down this year, but next year you’ll be ready for it if you follow the guidance in our latest YouTube video. Watch and learn more about the disease and how to manage it.

Solutions for Basil Downy Mildew

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Rutgers devotion basil
Rutgers Devotion basil just keeps on giving. It outperformed every basil we grew this summer.


Find Rutgers Devotion and Rutgers Obsession basil seeds for next year’s garden.

Check out other Rutgers varieties and how they did in trials.

We also trialed this hybrid variety Amazel Basil and it defeated BDM too!

Need help pinching basil? We’ve got a video for that. Watch here.

Be prepared. Plant your own basil varieties next year that are DMR and get the upper hand when wet/hot weather visits your garden.

Downy mildew basil
BDM has taken over some basil plants. Time to pull them.

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