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Styrian Hulless pumpkins are already on display as a centerpiece. We'll press the seeds for pumpkin oil soon.

Wordless Wednesday: Dog Days of Summer

It’s hot, and the Dog Days of summer (July 3-Aug 11) promise to continue through the end of the month. Here’s to keeping cool, and harvesting often.

Wordless Wednesday Styrian Hulless Pumpkin
Styrian Hulless pumpkins are already on display as a centerpiece. We’ll press the seeds for pumpkin oil soon.
Wordless Wednesday Tithonia
A volunteer Tithonia (Mexican Sunflower) brightens the yard. Butterflies LOVE this guy.
Wordless Wednesday Green-Striped Cushaw
Our first Green-Striped Cushaw from Monticello has set fruit. So excited!
Wordless Wednesday Futtsu Pumpkin
Futtsu Black Early Winter pumpkin is happening. We haven’t had much luck with Japanese pumpkins in the past, but this year is different. Stay tuned for details.
Wordless Wednesday Goji Berries
Goji Berries are ready to pick and dehydrate. The hubbie says they taste like tomatoes. Can’t explain that.
Wordless Wednesday Watermelon
Watermelons planted in early July are just starting to flower.
Wordless Wednesday pico de gallo
Whipped up a quick batch of pico de gallo when we found miracle cilantro growing in our August garden. Impossible but true!
Wordless Wednesday Fuji Apple
Fuji Apples have been thinned to 2 per cluster. They will grow larger when thinned. Just do it!
Wordless Wednesday Santa Rosa Plum
Santa Rosa Plums are late this year (at least at Gardenerd HQ). This is only our second plum. An irrigation mishap had something to do with that. #raindelayeverydayoops
Wordless Wednesday Dragonfly
This majestic dragonfly was spotted in a community garden today.

As I write this, one of our new hens is in the egg box for the first time. We await our first chocolate brown egg from our Cuckoo Maran. I’ll post a picture if it happens today.

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  1. Power Equipment Warehouse

    What an incredible haul! This summer heat is definitely overstaying its welcome, ready for the seasons to change!

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