Where’s Gardenerd: Golden Isles, Georgia

We’ve received our first report from Where’s Gardenerd on the road. He’s in Golden Isles, Georgia, and has been spending time at the headquarters of Modern Mia Gardening. It seems Modern Mia and the Wonder Kids have been showing Gardenerd around their prolific garden. He’s also been traveling to Georgia shores and elsewhere.

Check out his latest adventures in four parts:

Taking time to smell the roses in Modern Mia's Garden

Taking time to smell the roses in Modern Mia’s Garden – Photo credit Modern Mia Gardening

First up: Where’s Gardenerd toured the homestead, inspecting tomatoes, peppers and citrus trees. Looks like they grow well in Georgia.

Read all about it here.

Next: The Wonder Kids took Gardenerd to see the sites of Golden Isles and their community garden plot, then back to the homestead for blackberry picking.

Read Modern Mia’s account here

Day 3 featured more garden inspections (and fancy night-time accommodations).

Find out what happens on Day 3

And finally, Gardenerd spent the July 4th  holiday weekend celebrating in style. He saw puppet shows, eat watermelon and enjoyed a beach-side afternoon.

Catch Gardenerd and the Wonder Kids in action

Thank you, Modern Mia Gardening, for documenting his journey so expertly and for taking good care of him! We hope you’ve enjoyed your time with Where’s Gardenerd.

Soon Where’s Gardenerd will be off on a new adventure. Where will he turn up next? Maybe your garden. Want to join in? Find out how.

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