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Catherine McLaughlin chats with Christy about rookie mistakes made when building raised beds.

Podcast: Raised Bed Design with Catherine McLaughlin

On this week’s Gardenerd Tip of the Week Podcast, we talk shop with Catherine McLaughlin, the Design Studio Principal from Farmscape about the rookie mistakes even professional landscape designers make when it comes to raised bed vegetable garden design.

Rookie mistakes like bad locations, the wrong materials, designs that aren’t functional—we’ve seen it all! Catherine and Christy vent about it, and you’ll learn as you listen.

Raised Bed TOO Big
This raised bed looks fine, but it’s made with oversized materials for the space, is too wide to reach the middle without climbing in, and it’s jammed into an inaccessible corner of a small yard. Design fail! But we fixed it.

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Catherine McLaughlin garden
Catherine’s winter garden is always full of greens and flowers.


Find Catherine McLaughlin on LinkedIn

Check out the Soil Summit 2015 we talked about at the beginning of the interview.

Find Catherine’s work at Farmscape

Follow Farmscape on Instagram

Plants Catherine Mentioned:

Bottle brush trees

Ribes malvaceum – Chaparrel currant from Matilija Nursery

Borage and red clover can be great additions to your garden to build good soil.

Other Tips from our Conversation:

Bokashi compost – check out our guest series about this process from a friend. Part 2 and 3 are here.

Sun Seeker app – tools the pros use to situate gardens in the best location.

Watch our YouTube video on why raised beds become unproductive over time.

Netafim .6 at 12″ centers or 6″ centers for irrigation – inline emitters!

Hopefully you’ve picked up a trick or two about raised beds by listening to this episode. If you did please post a review of the Gardenerd Tip of the Week Podcast on your streaming app! We appreciate your feedback.

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