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Sara Patterson at the Heirloom Expo

Podcast: Growing in Difficult Conditions with Sara Patterson

We interviewed nine speakers at The Heirloom Expo for the Gardenerd Tip of the Week Podcast last month, the first of which is with Sara Patterson. She started Red Acre Farm and a CSA at age 14 and grows year-round in some of the most difficult growing conditions around.

Sara is a firm believer in knowing where our food comes from and advocates for gardening and raising chickens to grow for ourselves and our community. She talks about how she does it, and shares some of the challenges along the way.

Sara Patterson on Red Acre farm

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Red Acre Farm’s CSA headquarters

Resources for Sara Patterson

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Volunteer at the farm to learn how to grow in difficult conditions.

Sara Patterson’s Red Acre Farm in Utah
Red Acre Farm high tunnel.

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