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Podcast: Kids Gardening with Em Shipman

In honor of April being Kids Gardening Month, this week our guest is Em Shipman. Em is the executive director of She has nearly 20 years of experience leading transformative programs in food systems, agriculture, and education.

We chat about how to garden with kids and all the resources her non-profit organization,, has to offer.

Em Shipman is the executive director of

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Kids are naturally curious. Foster that curiosity in the garden. All photos provided by Em Shipman.


Find great ideas for teaching kids in the garden at

Follow KidsGardening on Instagram, and Facebook, and get more ideas on their Pinterest page

Explore activities for Kid’s Garden Month 2023 here – and don’t forget to join the contest!

Try the Seed Viewer project Em mentioned during the podcast. Your kids will love it.

Check out the resource library for even more resources and inspiration

Listen to another great podcast with Sonya Harris (who is on the Board of about gardening with kids here.

Kids engage in gardening and farming on the large and small scale.

Get out there and garden with kids. It’s chaotic, but fun, and you’ll both learn a lot. Thanks to Em Shipman for her guidance and

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