You are currently viewing Podcast: Grow Bag Gardening with Kevin Espiritu

Podcast: Grow Bag Gardening with Kevin Espiritu

Our guest this week on the Gardenerd Tip of the Week Podcast, we chat with Kevin Espiritu of Epic Gardening. He has more than 1 million followers on his popular YouTube channel, and now he has a new book, Grow Bag Gardening: The Revolutionary Way to Grow Bountiful Vegetables, Herbs, Fruits, and Flowers in Lightweight, Eco-Friendly Fabric Pots.

In our conversation, he shares some tricks for growing in bags, how to keep them clean, and more. We also go off on a few tangents, but you’ll enjoy those too.

Kevin Espiritu Turnip-Harvest
Kevin harvests from his containers and raised beds in San Diego

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Kevin Espiritu
Kevin Espiritu with his new book, Grow Bag Gardening


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Kevin Espiritu Houseplants
Kevin has a thriving indoor garden as well.

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