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Podcast: Be An Eco Hero With Tessa Wardley

Our guest this week on the Gardenerd Tip of the Week Podcast is Tessa Wardley, a former global environmental policy consultant, and current policy advisor to the UK’s Department of the Environment.

Tessa is the author six books including, The Mindful Art of Wild Swimming and Mindful Thoughts for Runners. She is passionate river enthusiast who has worked and played in our global waterways from New Zealand to the Artic Circle. In our podcast we chat about her newest book, The Eco Hero Handbook: Simple Solutions to Tackle Eco-Anxiety.  

Tessa Wardley
Tessa Wardley shares her tips for being and Eco Hero.

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Eco Hero Handbook Cover
Become and Eco Hero with Tessa’s new book.


Get your copy of The Eco Hero Handbook: Simple Solutions to Tackle Eco-Anxiety here.

Find Tessa’s other books here.

Follow Tessa on Instagram (Yes! Since our interview she’s notified us of her plans to reactivate her IG account.

Learn how to plant a bare root tree here.

Find organizations that plant trees:

TreePeople – Get Involved

Arbor Day Foundation – Take Action

Woodland Trust – UK

LA Works – local Angelinos & veterans can plant trees here

Plant a Billion Trees – Nature Conservancy

Tessa Wardley's Garden
Tessa’s garden with a fox visitor sleeping on the picnic table.
Tessa's Garden in bloom
Tessa’s walled garden in bloom
Tessa Wardley swimming
Tessa in her natural habitat

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  1. Sandra Mack

    I really enjoyed hearing from Tessa Wardley! The podcast was great and there was lots to think about. I reposted the podcast on my blog and wanted to let you know.

    The post that contains the link is called Carbon Imports Part II – the Dark Side, posted on March 16th.

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