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Podcast: Fun with Plants with Amy Stewart

This week’s podcast features a conversation with Amy Stewart, the New York Times best selling author of Wicked Plants, Flower Confidential, and The Drunken Botanist. We chat about her latest novel series, The Kopp Sisters, and Amy shares some of her favorite plants to grow for cocktails.

Amy Stewart, image courtesy of Delightful Eye Photography

Gardening & Writing Hand in Hand

Our conversation reveals that her passion for writing came first, followed by gardening. She later found gardening to be an interesting subject for her books.

Her latest novels, The Kopp Sisters Series, explore the story of Constance Kopp, a true-life female police officer in the 1910s.

Kopp Sisters 1-3
The first 3 of 5 books in the Kopp Sisters Series

Amy offers great tips for using plants in cooking. We also ruminate on the duplicitous nature of plants that are both poisonous and edible.

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