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The navel orange is covered in blossoms. Time to fertilize!

Wordless Wednesday: Weird Weather

The weird weather in California is making national headlines. Snow showed up in places it never dared to appear before, and rain has been “extra” this winter. It reminds me of my childhood growing up in Southern California. This is what it used to be like, 30-40 years ago!

While no snow dropped on Gardenerd HQ, we did get hail. Here’s some inspiration for the week, to get you through whatever weird weather you have experiencing.

Signs of life amid weird weather

Purple shelling pea flowers decorate the yard.
Yes, we still have tons of stinging nettles, with calendula popping up between. Need any? Let us know.
Perennial tree kale reaches for the sky. It just keeps growing.Learn how to propagate it here.
Spring is here! Our pomegranate tree is leafing out in earnest now.
Nicotiana is blooming again, to welcome bees and other nectar-loving creatures.
We cleaned out these pots of under performing mint. Pulled out the circling roots, and re-planted 3-4 cuttings in refreshed soil. Now they’re coming back like new plants.
The last rain brought enough water to nearly fill this 20″ pot.
Hail damage on nasturtium leaves. It hailed for only a minute last week, but the damage is permanent.
Our blackberries are sending out new shoots after winter pruning.
The hens are laying their multi-colored eggs (before Mildred goes broody for the 1st of 3 times this year – probably later this month)

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