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Podcast: Compact Plants and Beneficial Insects with Jessica Walliser

This week’s podcast guest is Jessica Walliser, horticulturalist, garden columnist and author of several books including Good Bug, Bad Bug; and the award-winning Attracting Beneficial Bugs to the GardenWe chat about her newest book, Gardener’s Guide to Compact Plants: Edibles and Ornamentals for Small-Space Gardening.

Jessica also co-hosts a morning garden show on KDKA News radio in Pittsburg, PA, and she is the acquisitions editor for Cool Springs Press. She co-founded the popular gardening website, So we had a lot to talk about in our interview.

Jessica Walliser
Jessica Walliser

Our conversation begins with beneficial insects (predatory insects, which we agreed on as our favorites). Then we move on to compact plants and how to use her new book as a guide for designing your space, no matter how small.

Compact Plants Jessica Walliser Containers
Whether you have just a few pots, or a narrow space, Gardener’s Guide to Compact Plants will guide you.

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For visuals on some of the beneficial insectaries we talked about in the podcast, watch our YouTube video on the subject.

Get her new book, Gardener’s Guide to Compact Plants here (our affiliate links help support Gardenerd).

Compact Plants Jessica Walliser
Gardener’s Guide to Compact Plants

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