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Greens and roots make a big show in winter gardens

Podcast: Fall Gardening Tips with Gardenerd

This week’s podcast shakes things up a bit. We’re answering your questions from Ask Gardenerd about soil prep techniques, and soil biology. We also toss in a tip to keep your brassicas safe all season long.

Don’t know what Ask Gardenerd is? It’s a page on where you can ask your burning gardening questions. We choose a question or two to answer either on the blog, in a YouTube video, or now…the podcast!

fall Kale planted wordless wednesday
Cooler temperatures means the kale can go in the ground. Protected with floating row cover (water and sunlight penetrate), our babies are ready to go.

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Convenient fizzy tabs dissolve in water.

Find Custom Biologicals fizzy tabs and other products in the Gardenerd Store.

Watch our YouTube video on bed prep (it was made before we switched to no-till methods, but still applies in certain circumstances)

Learn more about floating row cover in this blog post.

Find out how to ID cabbage moth eggs and worms here.

Fall planting season is upon us (in warm winter climates). Plant now for greens, peas, roots, and nutrient-dense veggies all winter long.

Greens and roots make a big show in winter gardens

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  1. Cynthia Walker

    Wish we could have winter outdoor gardens here, without a greenhouse around them! Our winters are too darned cold and it would be hard to care for plants as the water would freeze or we would have to heat the greenhouse. But interesting information, I enjoyed reading your blog.

  2. Arthur

    Loved the podcast! thanks for sharing

  3. Brandon @ Lawn Legion

    I had no idea that you now have a podcast! Very cool… I can work and listen at the same time. Excited to tune in…



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