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Podcast: Asian Vegetables with Wendy Kiang-Spray

Back in April we spoke with a fellow Great Grow Along speaker, Wendy Kiang-Spray about growing and cooking with Asian vegetables. Wendy is the author of The Chinese Kitchen Garden: Growing Techniques and Family Recipes for a Classic Cuisine. She’s a speaker and inspirational garden blogger, and she just lived through the cicada emergence in Maryland.

We chat about cicadas, gardening with her father, and more in this week’s podcast. Also, Wendy shares some great ideas for how to prepare some of her favorite Asian veggies. And she includes a gardening trick or two along the way.


Wendy Kiang-Spray
Wendy Kiang-Spray talks about Asian vegetables and the way they bring families together.

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Find Wendy at her website

Get The Chinese Kitchen Garden book for your collection (using this link gives Gardenerd a few pennies).

Join The Chinese Kitchen Garden Group on Facebook

Read Wendy’s article on the Cicada emergence in Washington Gardener Magazine

Try this soba recipe with grated daikon radish

Grow luffa (or loofah) and eat it fresh (young) or grow your own shower scrubby

Check out the book Wendy mentioned Asian Pickles at Home by Patricia Tanumihardja for more ways to use your radishes

And last but not least, watch this nifty video where Wendy shows you how to master the stir-fry

bamboo shoots
Yes, bamboo shoots can be tasty. Find the recipe in Wendy’s book.

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