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Winnetka Purple artichokes and sugar snap peas are coming in from the garden.

Wordless Wednesday – The Covid-19 Garden

The garden been our saving grace during Covid-19, since we already work from home and don’t get out much these days. We’ve been harvesting cool-season crops and planting warm-season crops. Here’s some inspiration as you stay at home and stay safe.

OVF sweet peas chard
Chard and sweet peas going gangbusters at our community garden.
poppies at OVF
Volunteer poppies tempt pollinators in a neighboring plot at our community garden.
Morel mushrooms showed up under our loquat tree last week. A first for us here at Gardenerd HQ.
Potato harvest
Our potato harvest includes All Blue, Yukon Gold and Cranberry Red.
Phacelia graces our pollinator patch during our home grown superbloom.
Strawberries are ready to pick from our GreenStalk vertical garden.
foggy rain barrels
A fog settled on the garden one morning.
root veggie harvest
Yellowstone, Cosmic Purple, and Nebula carrots contrast our orange varieties, along with turnips. Stew is in our future.
Arakara sunflower seeds
Our winter-grown Arikara sunflower produced seeds on two separate flowers (thus the color difference). Maybe we’ll press them for oil. Maybe we’ll feed them to the chickens. Not sure which yet.
artichokes and peas
Winnetka Purple artichokes and sugar snap peas are coming in from the garden.

For those who don’t have a garden yet, we recommend this Facebook Group called View From My Window. Enjoy the view wherever you are.

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