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Josh and a DIY client prepping to paint her new fence.

In Memoriam: Josh Hover

Gardening is about life cycles, we deal with life and death every day. When someone prized is taken too soon, however, it is a tragedy. I write today to honor a friend and colleague, the carpenter who took my visions and built them into realities, who was taken from us two weeks ago: Josh Hover.

Josh came to Gardenerd by way of Daniel Mayorga, my landscape professional who installs my garden designs. Josh and Daniel knew each other since Kindergarten, and the three of us were a team. Josh’s perfectionism and attention to detail fit right in, and his knowledge of how to build thing the right way always left me with a sense of peace.

An elegant fence and gate keeps out the family's giant dog and matches the house perfect. Taken after sunset when Josh finished the job.
An elegant fence and gate keeps out the family’s giant dog and matches the house perfectly. Photo taken after sunset when Josh finished the job.

His work included the fences in the Landes Garden, jaw-dropping 36-inch tall raised beds for the Perry Garden, custom and modified beds for the Resilience Treatment Center Garden, and dyed-to-match planters for the Haddon Garden.

Josh built and painted these custom trellises for a family's crazy passion fruit vine.
Josh built and painted these custom trellises for a family’s crazy passion fruit vine. Every slat was hand-ripped on the table saw.

Josh often sent me texts at midnight with photos of the finished product. He regularly underestimated the amount of time it would take to complete a project (clearly not accounting for his own perfectionism when he submitted a bid), but when it was done it was exactly as I imagined it, or beyond expectation.

My ideas frequently prompted Josh to laugh and say, “It’s never boring with you” when I’d come up with an out-of-the-ordinary design. Like the parallelogram raised bed to match the modern exterior of a house with no visible hardware. He made it a work of art.

Josh constructed a walk in garden to keep plants safe from the myriad critters frolicking here.
Josh constructed this walk-in garden to keep plants safe from the myriad critters frolicking here.

On a personal level, Josh was a trooper. Over the years, he worked hard to establish his construction business and insisted he was “a contractor, not a handyman.” Just a month or so ago, he proudly handed me his new business cards sporting a new logo he had professionally designed. He was so proud. Whenever I’d send him another crazy request, he’d say, “For you, anything!”

He’d show up to work limping from a night of basketball on regular occasions. Daniel, Josh and I were all born around the same year, so we had our age-related aches and pains to share. Josh had other pains, hidden ones I never knew, but he wore a cross around his neck, along with tattoos from his past. He chose his higher power and was one of the most hopeful people I’ve ever known.

Last June, Josh got married. He made his bride a succulent wreath to hang on their wall, which promptly died because he over watered it and hung it indoors. He refused to be thwarted and replanted it right away, and took it outside. That’s how I will remember Josh, as someone who never gave up.

He was on his way to church on Sunday afternoon, July 17, 2016 when a car turned left in front of his oncoming motorcycle. He died later that night in the hospital. He leaves behind a legacy of work that will stand the test of time. He built it that way. Josh will not be forgotten. Gardenerd will have to find a new contractor, but we will never find another Josh Hover.

Josh and a DIY client prepping to paint her new fence.
Josh and a DIY client prepping to paint her new fence.

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  1. Lindsey Hover

    I miss him

  2. Julie Strnad

    Dear Christy, I’m sorry you have lost your friend.

  3. Roxanne Sotelo

    I did not know Josh, but I’m saddened by his passing. He sounds like a wonderful, amazing man and he was taken much too soon. It helps me to think that those who are gone wouldn’t return if they had the chance. They are happy and at peace. I know it doesn’t help much when we are suffering the loss of their presence. My condolences to all of his loved ones.

  4. Sharon

    I’m so sorry to hear this sad news about your friend. And for his passing to happen in such a tragic way. Deepest condolences.

  5. Shannon M.

    Dear Gardenerd –

    I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting Josh, but my thoughts are with all of you who knew him or had him help build veggie beds for you. His memory will live on in the harvests you reap because of his work. It is so hard to loose someone out of the blue like this ( I did with my father 2 years ago). The gift of the reminder that we just never know when our time will be is the most important message one could ever receive. Take none of your moments for granted, make sure you tell your loved ones you love them and don’t hang on to grudges and hang-ups….life is way to short…even if we live to be old and grey…the ride is very short. Go out and enjoy the life of your gardens.
    in symapthy,

    1. Christy

      Beautiful words, well said, Shannon. Thanks for your kind thoughts. Garden on!

  6. Lisa

    Rip josh…you will be missed💔💔

  7. Barbara

    I did not know Josh. What a lovely tribute to a lovely person. My condolences to those affected by the loss of Josh, who appears to be a well-loved human being.

  8. Michelle Wilhelms

    Seems you found a special person to work with, one you will never forget.
    Thank you for sharing your tribute.

  9. Edna

    My sympathies and condolences and God bless to Josh. It is truly very sad when a very good son, friend, brother, and husband is lost so soon. May Josh rest in peace.

  10. AJD

    Thank you for sharing. I don’t know Josh, but I feel as though I do know from what you wrote.😞

  11. CC Couchois

    My amazing son. Words cannot express my gratitude for this tribute which truly describes and honors him. He is in heaven, so proud of himself right now, as he should be. ❤️

  12. Lindsey Hover

    He would be honored that you wrote this. He so respected you Christy gardennerd. That’s what he called you at home lol. The full name. Christy gardennerd. Thank u for remembering the love of my life so beautifully. So spot on. I have that dead wreath hanging up still lol

    1. Christy

      Words fail me, Lindsey, to express my sympathies right now, but I’m so glad you approve of this tribute. I hope it gives your family some solace to know that his work lives on, always.

  13. Daniel Mayorga

    “Every job I do I treat as if it’s something I’m doing for me” – Josh Hover

    Rest in peace to my very good friend, business partner and brother Josh Hover. I’ll never forget you. Don’t forget me. You cannot be replaced and will be missed my brother. Till we meet again…

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