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YouTube: Wildflowers for Bees

This week’s YouTube video shares tips about what wildflowers to grow to encourage and feed bees and other pollinators in your garden. Wildflowers are easy to grow, most of the time you just scatter seeds before a rain comes and wait. They also re-seed themselves year after year, so the whole endeavor requires minimal effort.

Wildflower seed blends are available through many native plant societies or seed catalogs. Just pick the varieties that grow well in your region. Try to select an area that is at least 3×3 feet to allow for ample foraging, and you’ll have beneficial insects visiting your garden all season long.

Wildflowers for Bees

Watch the video and plant some wildflowers today. To learn more about growing wildflowers, check out these blog posts:

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What are your favorite wildflowers to grow? Post a comment below. We love hearing what grows all over the world. Share your favorites!

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