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Cilantro bolts to seed all over the yard. The bees love it and we'll let it re-seed for another round.

Wordless Wednesday: June is Nearly Here

Despite bouts with the flu, our recent bee loss, and discovering one of our new hens is a rooster, we’re still hopeful about gardening as June approaches. Here are some photos to inspire you even in hard times.

Wordless Wednesday Kamut ready
Our kamut is ready to harvest. No trace of green, and tested for firmness.
Wordless Wednesday Blackberries
Blackberries are ready daily. We’re picking and eating a little late this year.
Wordless Wednesday Tess's Landrace tomato
Tess’s Landrace tomato is ripening. Yes, those are white bugs. We’re on it.
Wordless Wednesday compost tea
We applied compost tea as a foliar spray and a soil drench yesterday. It will help veggies grow big and strong this season.
Wordless Wednesday Sunflowers
Sunflowers are behind schedule but growing.
Wordless Wednesday squash
We’re harvesting zucchini (Ronde du Nice) and yellow crookneck squash these days.
Wordless Wednesday cilantro
Cilantro bolts to seed all over the yard. The bees love it and we’ll let it re-seed for another round.
Wordless Wednesday hens and rooster
The new babies aren’t so small anymore at 12 weeks. They’re ready to be integrated to the rest of the flock. We’ll add them in the coop at night while they sleep (except for the rooster on the right – we’re trying to find him a new home).
Wordless Wednesday Corn
Stowell’s Everygreen sweet corn is on its way. Planted in off-set rows for biointensive production.
Wordless Wednesday Strawberries
It’s strawberry season. Enjoy them fresh from the garden.

Setbacks are part of gardening. Even the smallest victories help keep us going. We’re celebrating the harvest every day, and we’re plugging away at the problems. Enjoy your garden no matter what is happening in life.

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