You are currently viewing YouTube: Garden Tour – The Place That Inspired Garden Variety
Take a tour of the garden that inspired Garden Variety.

YouTube: Garden Tour – The Place That Inspired Garden Variety

As folks read Garden Variety, friends have been asking for a tour of Ocean View Farms. It’s the garden that inspired the novel. Our latest video takes you on a quick tour of the garden where the whole thing began.

See what’s growin’ on in Christy’s plot, and discover elements of the real community garden where scenes in the Garden Variety story take place.

Garden Tour of Ocean View Farms

See where Garden Variety got its start.

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Resources for this Garden Tour Video

Find a community garden in your area here.

Start a community garden of your own following these guidelines.

Those awesome cages covering Christy’s cabbages? Find those here.

Floating row cover we use to keep rabbits away from our veggies – summer weight garden fabric.

Get a copy of Garden Variety for yourself or as a gift for a friend here.

Ocean View Farms from above. This is the garden that started it all.

Don’t have room to grow? Find a spot of land (check with local churches, schools, and other community spaces) and carve out space for the neighborhood to grow food. Use the guidelines above to get permission to use the land for growing food. Some landlords would rather rent out a spot to veggie gardeners, rather than have to maintain a vacant lot themselves. Make connections and do the work, and a community garden may be in your future!

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