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Mittens waits to get inside for dinner. She's catching grasshoppers but it's not enough calories for this gal.

Wordless Wednesday: Garden Glory

Record rainfall resulted in an outburst of color and fragrance, AKA, garden glory, here at Gardenerd HQ. The scents of orange blossoms and jasmine are intoxicating, and we’re spending more time outdoors (mostly weeding) to enjoy the heady fragrance. Here’s some inspiration to fill your senses with spring.

Our very own superbloom is happening at Gardnenerd HQ. Poppies, nasturtiums, and calendula make up the bulk of the flowers in bloom. Find a superbloom to visit if you don’t have room for your own at home.
Blackberries are starting to flower. No fruit yet, but with all the rain everything is a little behind.
Volunteer chamomile will make its way into tea later this season. It grows through a backdrop of nasturtiums.
We recently cleared the area around the bee hive so we could add a new super on the bottom. They are growing like crazy (the queen is laying brood now) for spring. They help pollinate the shelling peas growing nearby.
The tomatoes are in the ground in our new Vego Garden.
2nd-year peppers are leafing out. They are perennials in warm-winter climates and will survive winter in some cold-winter climates. With roots already established, they are ready to set fruit sooner.
Our first purple artichoke is popping up.
This mystery stone fruit (we think it’s a pluot) may produce fruit this year. Fingers crossed.
Thyme is flowering among the nasturtiums, borage, and nicotiana.
The wisteria is a month late blooming, but squirrels ate a lot of the buds before they could open. Still, what has blossomed is beautiful.

Enjoy the garden glory in your own backyard, or head out to see it in nature. Spring is here and blooming all over. Make the most of this brief time.

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