You are currently viewing YouTube: Summer Garden Update

YouTube: Summer Garden Update

Our latest YouTube video shares an quick summer garden update on several subjects of our recent videos. It answers the questions, Did that corn trick work? How are the lettuces coming along? What’s growing in the Greenstalk?

Plus a check in on how the Home BioGas system is working, and how that root-bound apple tree is doing. If you’ve seen the videos, you’ll be interested in this update.

YouTube: Summer Garden Update

Check out our summer garden update. See what’s working and what isn’t.


If you missed the original videos prior to this update, check them out here:

Last lettuces
Watch the video to see how well these have grown in, plus a trick for keeping critters from nibbling at young seedlings.

We hope this video helps inspire and inform. If you have any special requests for topics for upcoming videos, post them in the comments below. We’re always looking for more ways to help you grow successfully!

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