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A sampling of the three watermelons growing in one bed: Moon & Stars (top), Blacktail Mountain (right) and White Sugar Lump (left). They're just getting going.

Wordless Wednesday: Summer Sweets and Treats

Things are heating up around here, and we’re trying to keep cool as we watch the garden grow. The garden still needs us and August makes it hard to stay motivated. But hang in there gardenerds! Fall will be here before you know it. Here’s some Wordless Wednesday inspiration to help your gardening game strong this August.

Tomato harvest
Our tomato harvest includes a rainbow of colors including Michael Pollan, Siberian Pink Tiger, San Marzano, and Piglet Willie.
Three watermelons
A sampling of the three watermelons growing in one bed: Moon & Stars (top), Blacktail Mountain (right) and White Sugar Lump (left). They’re just getting going.
Old German Christy
Our biggest Old German tomato. I had to wear TomatoMania attire as an homage to where I got the plant this year.
Asparagus beans
It’s impossible to get this whole asparagus bean in frame. It’s longer than my arm, as shown. These are Green Pod Red Bean Asparagus Beans, for the record.
Jalapeno peppers wordless wednesday
Jalapeño peppers are starting to take off.
Lemon juice harvest
We harvested all the lemons on our Meyer lemon tree to make room for new blooms. Then juiced and froze in containers for later. Lemon sorbet is in our future!
Corn harvest
Watch our latest video to find out how our corn protection trick did this summer. Stowell’s Evergreen is a reliable producer.
Wordless Wednesday Apple protection
We’ve covered our apples with nylon hosiery material to protect against coddling moth and hopefully rats, too. Get your maggot barriers here.
Garden dinner
Everything on this plate came from the garden, except for the breadcrumbs, which were from homemade sourdough bread. Corn, potatoes, green onions, salad greens, tomatoes, etc. Find the recipe for the gratin here.
Christy Hungarian Heart wordless Wendesday
This Hungarian Heart was one of two that grew to a size we’ve never seen before.

Don’t let the heat get you down. Schedule your time early or late in the day to make it easier. Pour a glass of lemonade and garden on!

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  1. Linda Kime

    I never see casaba melons in the store any more. Could you speak or write about them? I’m dying for one! Will you sell any?

    1. Christy

      I’m not sure why but they may have fallen out of favor. I did a quick search for seeds and found a decent selection from suppliers. You can grow your own, just search for “casaba melon seeds” and make a plan to grow a patch next spring.

      Thanks for the suggestion for content. I’ll keep this in mind for future blog posts.

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