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Fuji apples ripen on our potted tree. Almost ready!

YouTube: Save a Pot-Bound Tree (or Plant)

Have you ever brought home a fruit tree or plant without knowing where it will go in your yard? Have you planted it in a temporary pot with every intention of moving it up to something bigger someday? Better yet, plant it in the ground? Our new YouTube video shows you how to rescue a pot-bound tree or plant that has grown through the drainage hole, or has grown too large for its pot.

This step by step video takes you through the process: from loosening the soil around the roots, to watching Christy get stung by a bee. Well, hearing it anyway. Don’t miss our latest instructional video on YouTube:

Save a Pot-Bound Tree

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Fuji apple wordless wednesday
Fuji apples ripen on our potted tree. We’ll see if our rescue efforts yield these results again.


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