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Our Meyer Lemon harvest is done for the year. We juiced and froze most of them, but left a handful to use fresh, along with oranges and a grapefruit (a gift from a client).

Wordless Wednesday: The Winds of Spring

Why am I calling this the winds of spring? Taking photos for today’s Wordless Wednesday was a challenge because the wind was blowing through the garden at 20 miles per hour. Plants wouldn’t hold still for my glamor shots.

So a few images are partially out of focus (because yours truly doesn’t know how to adjust F-stops on her camera). But you’ll get the idea of movement, which is what spring is all about, right? Rapid growth, newness, movement and life! Enjoy these pics from the Gardenerd Test Garden.

Watermelon sprouts
Watermelon sprouts pop through the soil. A little early, but we’re excited to get started.
Corn bed
We planted Stowell’s Evergreen sweet corn seeds (after soaking overnight) and covered the bed with floating row cover to protect them from bird thieves.
Nicotiana shows off in the blustery morning air.
Rosie Basil sprouts
Rosie Basil sprouts grace the same bed as our tomato seedlings. We’re growing 8 different varieties of basil this season.
Tomato seedlings
Speaking of tomato seedlings, we tucked these in right after a recent heatwave. They’ve already grown a few inches taller.
Volunteer tomato
Volunteer tomatoes are the best. They don’t need help from us. This one sprouted against the compost bin. Bonus: Mittens’ furry feet are leaving frame to the right.
Nectarine fruit
Our Snow Queen nectarine that we transplanted to a pot last fall is setting fruit for the first time in years! It didn’t like being in the ground, but took off once we potted it up. Loads of fruit on this baby. We’ll need to cover it with bird netting soon.
Mint is returning from its winter slumber. Our containers are abundant with mint options.
Blackberries are forming on 2nd-year canes. They won’t be ready for a while, but it’s nice to see their arrival.
Monarch chrysalis
A Monarch chrysalis attached to our chicken run fence is getting blown around in the wind. Hopefully it will make it. We’re seeing caterpillars everywhere these days.
Mittens is most interested in being inside during this windy day.

Whether the weather is perfect or presently inhospitable, make plans to grow something this season. Spring is here and new life abounds. The winds of spring are proof that change is eminent. Enjoy the process.

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  1. Kelly

    I love these pictures! They really capture the feeling of spring. The white flowers are so vibrant. It’s amazing how much life there is in the garden. Thanks for sharing!

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