You are currently viewing YouTube: How Should My Garden Look in September?

YouTube: How Should My Garden Look in September?

This week’s video focuses on the mindset of gardeners who ask, “How should my garden look in September?” It’s hard to compete with glossy design magazines and places that rain. It’s the end of the warm/hot season, so let’s answer that question.

Hint: Most annual vegetables live for only a few months. Then they die. We talk more about that lifecycle and what to expect from your garden in this video.

Watch: How Should My Garden Look in September?

Christy helps you manage your garden expectations at the end of the season.


Things you can do now before the weather cools down:

  • Turn a compost pile and harvest finished compost if it’s ready
  • Check your seed inventory and make a list of seeds/plants to buy
  • Keep your soil irrigated (aka keep soil biology alive!)
dead plants
Dead vegetable plants are part of the garden cycle in September.

Enjoy how the garden looks in September. It’s temporary and necessary before new life bursts forth once more.

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