YouTube: Growing Shallots and Garlic – Selection to Harvest

Fall means it's time to talk about growing shallots and garlic. In many places, these alliums are planted in fall before the ground freezes over (if that happens where you live) and they emerge in spring. But in warm-winter climates, we plant now and they grow over winter.

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Garlic Kale Soup

I would like to present one of the best soups I've ever eaten. It was restaurant-quality delicious and very easy to make. It uses kale and garlic from the garden (save this for your upcoming garlic harvest) and shiitake mushrooms from the farmers' market.

Garlic Kale Soup - Vegetarian Times, February 2010

I ran across the recipe recently in an Anti-Inflammatory eBook put together by Vegetarian Times. It showcases inflammation fighting ...

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The Trick to Bigger Garlic

A question came in to Ask Gardenerd this week:

"Hi, I've just harvested my garlic and it's ok but a little small. Any tips to get it fatter. John, ps Love your site"

Thanks for writing in John, and I'm glad you like the website. Since your email address seems to be in Australia, it makes sense that you would be harvesting garlic right now.

I have my own answers to growing big garlic, ...

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Pesto Madness

This is the time of year when the abundance of basil in the garden can often overshadow the need in the kitchen. What's a gardener to do?  Make pesto, of course.

Whether you preserve pesto by canning or freezing, you can make the flavors of summer last a long time. To start off the pesto season, I took a field trip to Pesto Madness, the Learning Garden's annual fundraiser.  

David King, the illustrious leader of the Learning Garden, was giving a ...

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Storing Garlic – Sprout Not, My Friend

A great question came in to Ask Gardenerd this week:

"If I braid my garlic and hang it in my kitchen, how long will it keep? When I buy garlic and the store and put it in my fridge, it begins to sprout after a month or so. Will the same thing happen to my braided garlic?"

Would you believe that it depends upon the variety of garlic you choose to grow?  The truth is that, like onions or apples, some varieties are known for better storage than others. ...

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False Garlic – you lie, you lie, you lie.

I don't know where it comes from, but it shows up in the strangest places. Unannounced, just after the rain, it pokes its slender leaves up through the soil to bring terror to the fastidious gardener. I'm talking about false garlic.

False garlic (Nothoscordum borbonicum Kunth)  is found primarily in California, Oregon and the Southeastern states, as well as some warmer parts of Europe. It's pretty, but don't be deceived. This little bugger will infest a garden and is ...

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Harvesting Garlic

Growing your own garlic is such a joy, and harvesting it can be even more fun. Each October we plant what turns out to be a year's supply of garlic in about 7 or 8 square feet (using the Square Foot Gardening method). Then we nurture the bulbs through winter and into spring. In late spring, which is May or June here in Los Angeles, the foliage starts to turn brown and die back. We cut ...

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Mega Garlic

Garlic was one of the very first things I planted when I started gardening 16 years ago.  There's something about the magic of putting a clove in the ground and getting a bulb back at the end of the season that made me want to try it immediately.  That first year, my boyfriend and I planted garlic cloves in unamended clay soil (clearly we didn't know anything about compost at the time).  We watered it every day and watched it grow.  7 months later, we harvested what has become the best garlic I've ever grown in my life.  ...

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