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Seeds form beneath the corella (petals) of a giant sunflower.

Wordless Wednesday: Time for Change

As our winter crops finish up, it’s time for change in the garden. We’ve planned the warm season garden, now it’s time to turn cover crops, harvest crops, amend beds, and plant anew. Here’s some inspiration to motivate you along the way.

Rogue cilantro
Cilantro volunteers all over the yard in winter at Gardenerd HQ, and we let it go crazy.
Dragon Fruit bud
Dragon fruit is budding out after months of just sitting there. Read how we started the process here.
Bee on kale flower
Bees are enjoying some of the kale that has bolted to seed. Check out those pollen pockets!
Chicken line
The ladies form a chorus line in anticipation of food scraps (kale, mustard greens and tree kale are their favorites).
Wordless Wednesday Eggs
The hens are in full production now. We had our first 4-egg day last week.
wordless Wednesday Romanesco
Romanesco caught a little too late. The buds are opening but it’s still good to eat. Note to self: pick it sooner! And pin the leaves closed around it to prevent green from turning purple (although it is pretty).
Sunflower Seeds
Seeds form beneath the corella (petals) of a giant sunflower. We hope to get them before the squirrels do. This is our winter sunflower from Monticello called Arikara.
Hyacinth blooms
Hyacinths bloom in a neglected pot. They keep coming back year after year despite zero help from us.
Wordless Wednesday harvest
Winter harvest includes greens like Swiss chard, bok choy, spinach, lettuces, and some kohlrabi.
Gardening for Geeks Delivered
And we must plug Christy’s latest book! So far, only Amazon has copies in stock. Our copies of Gardening for Geeks arrived last week. Hope to see you at a book signing soon!

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